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Hi, I'm Taylor, founder of Open Space Syracuse, and I love organizing and decluttering. Garages, playrooms, basements - I love organizing them all.

In my mind, spaces are puzzles, and I love to help other people solve them.

I also love to help people get rid of things they no longer need.

I know that letting go of our stuff is an emotional process and a physical one.

Deciding what to get rid of can be a daunting process.

But it's worth it. Less stuff means more peace.

Ready to start? There's a few options, including a few new ones!


Option 1: Want more open space in your home?

One space (a closet, a room, or a basement or garage), 2 hours.

I come to your house, help you declutter, and organize what you decide to keep.

I take your decluttered items when I go to donate or sell.


Option 1 Cost? $175 for the 2 hours in home (and up to 30 mins of travel time),

and I keep half of whatever items are sold.

Option 2: Have you already decluttered and need help getting rid of things?

 I can come and pick up the things you want to get rid of and take them away.

I also sell any items with at least a $30 resale value.

Option 2 Cost? $75 flat fee (plus additional fees for TV and electronic recycling)

and I keep half of whatever items are sold.


Option 3: Only need help organizing a space?

I can come for one hour and help you organize any space!

Option 3 Cost? $100 for one hour in home (and up to 30 minutes of travel time).

Option 4: Are you moving and need help with the stuff you don't want to take with you?

I come to you and pick up all of the small things you need gone

and help you sell larger items right out of your home or garage.

I sell anything with a value of $30 or more, and I rehome the rest by giving things

away on a local community group. I recycle and donate anything leftover

(the only items I don't take are mattresses, box springs, TVs, and tires.)

Option 4 Cost? $250 flat fee for time plus I keep half of whatever items are sold.


Option 5: Want to give a gift?

Give a gift certificate in any amount!

Perfect for any holiday, especially birthdays and Mother's Day.

I can't wait to work with you!

Decluttering and organization bring me so much joy

and giving unused items a second life is great for our community and our planet. 

Contact: send me an email at to get started.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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